4.1 The aim

The measures implemented by public authorities on the advice of consulting firms and their clients, or of public sector employees directly or indirectly receiving emoluments from them, have met with success. They have already enabled an unprecedented transfer of wealth from the bulk of the population to the richest. “Oxfam reports that from March 18 to the end of 2020, global billionaire wealth increased by $3.9 trillion. By contrast, global workers’ combined earnings fell by $3.7 trillion, according to the International Labour Organization, as millions lost their jobs around the world.”[1]

These consulting firms, their venture capital associates, and the many health sector companies they have invested in are highly profiting from hand sanitizers, masks, and tests, which in France they are overseeing,[2] even more so from vaccines, whose bulk purchase by governments saw a massive transfer of public money to big pharma, as well as from telemedicine, which is completing the reduction of diagnostics to pre-established recipes, and which alone saw a growth of 33% in 2020.[3]

Indeed, internet access providers and digital technology companies and their investors equally saw their profits soar as activities are being massively transferred onto the internet or at least rely on their tools, from video-conferencing ones to individual computers. Notably, the destruction of schools and the fear generated has accelerated their partnership with the private sector to shape them in the image of corporates, ensuring their already well-advanced transformation into a business, as well as their increasing use of digital tools and the shift of teaching onto the internet. This is being promoted by Bain and Company which has partnered in May 2020 with the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), the second largest state school district of the United States to bring this about, [4] as well as by its close associate, the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation,[5] which is supposed to “reimage” New York State schools.[6] Microsoft will collect the profits. Online teaching will also enable the remote and centralized control of education by monopolistic corporates and their investors. Since the past year, censorship through the remote control of online activities has reached unprecedented levels. Physical outlets like libraries and archives having been made inaccessible either because of closure or restricted entry and travel, the only way to search for relevant information or literature is online. Using search engines, it is now nearly impossible to find any text or video expressing opinions contrary to the official doctrine. Taking down websites, censoring conversations and videos, or even de-platforming talks is now increasingly common. It is also theoretical possible to change the content of texts and thus control both the past and future by giving coming generations one official narrative. Alongside, digitized money, access to accounts, and digitized medical data, the advent of which are now a greater possibility than before 2020, will enable any individual to be monitored. Track and trace applications are already in use. Microsoft and Oracle are developing a digital sanitary passport,[7] while public authorities are enforcing or looking to enforce their compulsoriness for various activities, including certain jobs and travel, or at least as an alternative to quarantines.

Both are set to profit from 5G technologies in which they have heavily invested. Indeed the transfer of human life onto the internet enabled by the measures, justified in the name of a fictitious pandemic, as well as extensive surveillance, require 5G. Its implementation has been hastened and it is now easier to convince populations “stuck at home” that there is a benefit in “faster mobile”.[8]

As profitable as digitization, if not more, sustainability has long been a mantra, but since 2020 it is actively being set up as the next big area of profit. To quote Bain & Company: “Similar to the digital revolution before it, the sustainability revolution changes everything”. It is “opening up billion-dollar opportunities”.[9] As this avowal suggests, upholding sustainability should not be confused with a concern for the environment. Pollution is an offshoot of the pursuit of profit maximization. Rather, in the name of such a concern, non-solutions that will only worsen these disasters and their associated health issues are being pushed, in particular involving bio-technology. For instance, the development of GMO-based meat substitutes has seen a rapid growth this past year under the alibi that animal products harm the environment.[10] Indeed, the discourse, cleverly building on the fear generated, is creating an “inextricable connection” between pandemics and environmental issues, bringing about changes of “behavior”. It is hoped these changes will be “permanent”. Apart from switching to GM foods, whose adverse effects are well documented,[11] these include dehumanized forms of living, e.g. “smart working”, in other words online.[12] These aims can hardly be called altruistic.

Similarly, the eradication of poverty thanks to digital technologies, the other alibi for what has been labeled the fourth industrial revolution is puzzling. Like pollution, pauperisation is the direct consequence of the profit doctrine, and has been deliberately accelerated by current measures and policies. While the connection of any eradication with digitization is hard to fathom, it is presented as the obvious solution that admits no alternative. The solution suggested in a UN report, which would only require “4 per cent of the combined wealth of the 225 richest people in the world”[13] is ignored and left unmentioned, except when it amounts to enforcing vaccines on the poor. How this can help their plight is also hard to fathom.

The manufacture of the illusory pandemic has simply been to ensure the logical ultimate outcome of a voracious addiction to profit-making, the full theft of the possessions of the peoples of the Earth by these richest, presented as a form of altruistic ideal, but violated to suit the purpose. For who will then possess and control all there is since someone has to? This ultimate goal includes the end to privacy, namely total surveillance, since without it this theft cannot happen, and it pays, while alongside transnational groups elaborating these policies remain fully shrouded in a veil of darkness. In particular this goal requires the merger of digital and bio-technologies since the complete debasement of man to dead matter is an integral part of the process. This merger  may prove useful for COVD since is shares some symptoms with the supposed new disease. But it is now at a more advanced stage with the development of “vaccines” of a nature to change humans genetically, and of microchipping. All this has been explicitly stated and repeated since at least 2015 and 16.[14] [15] Microchips, by the way, “transmit a static identifier or serial number”,[16] perfect for surveillance. This uses radio frequency known to be harmful for health.[17] [18] But together with the multiplication and intensification of means to increase morbidity and mortality, from GM foods to 5G and vaccines and ingestive products containing nanoparticles whose effects on health remain unknown, legislation making those possible compulsory, profits for big pharma can be kept soaring. Death is indeed lucrative. Life is not.

No, there is no “Great Reset” – the expression used by the World Economic Forum – simply the logical end of a process that began centuries ago in the small peninsula of Europe and which has been slowly enforced worldwide.



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