On Science: Concepts, Cultures, and Limits


On Science: Concepts, Cultures, and Limits explores science and its relationship with religion, philosophy, ethics, mathematics, and with socio-economic changes.

The book gives an overview of the metaphysical contexts in which science emerged and the particular forms science has taken in history. It examines the preoccupation of ancient cultures with the validity of interpretations of natural phenomena, the role of the study of materials in the substantiation of the conceptual world, and the establishment of modern science on both experimentation and mathematics. This theoretical discussion is illustrated by a host of examples from physics to the life sciences, which highlight how current concepts developed over the centuries, or even millennia.

The volume underscores some of the weaknesses inherent in a scientific approach, and how in the modern context of a wealth-driven technological orientation, these have been conducive to a gradual distortion of science into its exact opposite, a dogmatic faith. It further discusses the nature of scientific education in the world, and how conditions can be created to ensure pioneering creativity and to preserve scientific rigor.


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