Obedience and disobedience are always with respect to some principles.   When they are absolute, namely when obedience  to some principles does not imply disobedience to some other principles, or conversely, namely when the dichotomy is absent, the end result is destructive.

For example, when obedience to an unjust power ceases to clash with all our values, it provides a rationale for the injustice, and thereby worsens it.  This can result in tyranny.  And indeed, through obedience, humankind could well precipitate its end now that we have the technology to annihilate all human life.  Similarly, to disobey without obedience to any higher principles, is to rebel aimlessly, without any constructive purpose, and thus can lead from violence to violence.

Only when disobedience to an inhuman power follows from obedience to what we inherently believe to be a higher consciousness does disobedience become Freedom, namely “saying ‘No’ to power”, a ‘No’ that is a step towards the blossoming of our greater Humanity.