An (In)human Tragedy

Since 2020, measures, listed in the 1973 Amnesty International Report on Torture as means of coercion used on prisoners of war and opponents by repressive regimes, have been successfully enforced on populations worldwide. This raises worrying and urgent questions:

1) How come billions have accepted to be so tortured by the few?

2) What are the reasons for this unprecedented repression?

3) How was it created?

4) Who are responsible?









Some of the articles have been published or are based on articles published on  I thank the site for having done so, but no longer have any association with it due to its consorship of my criticisms of its philosophy, notably the elevation of figures associated to science to the status of untouchable icons.  It is essential to review past work dispassionately, whoever the author may be, whatever might be the current consensus about it. This is conform to the nature of science. Idolatry is contrary to it.