5. What is 5G and should we worry?

The wave conception of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) does not explain all the observed properties of natural radiation. To explain these, notably why a change in the intensity, i.e. energy, of light does not change the velocity of electrons released when metal is bombarded with light of high frequency, i.e. ultraviolet, waves came to be considered as discrete packets of energy, i.e. photons. In other words, radiation is considered both particle, i.e. a small corpuscle and thus with a specific location, not taking up any space, and wave with no precise location and diffused in all of space; on the one hand discontinuity, on the other continuity. The conceptual limitations of the human mind results in unresolvable paradoxes.[1] This should make us prudent when applying our theories.

Whatever, natural EMR is ubiquitous and essential for life. It can be terrestrial, atmospheric, or cosmic. The following is based on explanations given by physicist Dimitris Panagopoulos.[2]

Prolonged and repeated experiments over decades have shown that atmospheric electrical radiation, which notably comes from the daily 2000 thunderstorms on earth, is our natural biological clock. Indeed, it has a frequency of 7.8 Hz; so has our electrical cerebral activity, which controls all our body functions through cellular clocks consisting of slowly oscillating free ions.

Now, manmade electromagnetic fields (EMF) meant to transmit information – voice, music or video – do so by either analog or digital modulation. The former consists in superimposing the wave of very low frequency that information is to high radio frequency signal, i.e. the carrier wave, which is therefore altered through continuous variation. In digital modulation by pulses, the signal is altered to be transmitted in the form of repeated pulses. However, observations show that the repetition rate of the pulses in the case of signals from mobile devices and base antennas is only extremely roughly regular (though it is regular in computer simulations). More importantly, unlike in computer simulations, where each pulse has the same amplitude (related to the amount of energy carried, the higher the amplitude, the greater the energy, and hence the greater the intensity and conversely), in reality amplitude varies unpredictability due to many factors, notably the number of subscribers connected at each instant, air conductivity, or the availability of signals in different locations. 98 % of the studies on the consequences of exposure to EMR conducted with real signals from emitting devices show the consequences of unpredictability on health.

Cells can adapt to predictable events, not to unpredictably changing ones. This is also true regarding natural EMFs, e.g. terrestrial ones. They usually vary little. However about every eleven years, there are magnetic storms lasting a few days or weeks inducing large variations. These periods witness increases in heart attacks, strokes, psychological disorders, and global mortality.

Still unpredictability in in itself does not explain the biological effects.

1) Manmade EMFs related to mobile telephony do not consist of photons

These EMFs have frequencies between the lower limit of infrared to 0. No EMF with frequencies in this range is quantized. This is true also for natural EMFs too, namely atmospheric ones related to electrical discharges during thunderstorms and terrestrial EMFs, the only natural ones within this range. Based on purely mathematical theories, quantization, experimentally verified for frequencies above 300 GHz, i.e. higher than the low limit of infrared, had been extrapolated to all ranges without any experimental grounding. Only in 2015 was this first verified empirically, and this extrapolation has been observed to be false.

Consequently, these EMFs are only classical waves, and thus produce constant, continuous radiation.

2) Manmade EMFs related to mobile telephony are polarized

The waves oscillate “on a certain plane which is called the ‘polarization plane’.” In contrast, “natural EMR/EMFs (cosmic, microwaves [i.e. below infrared], infrared, visible light, ultraviolet, gamma rays) and several forms of artificially triggered electromagnetic emissions (such as from light bulbs with thermal filaments, gas discharge lamps, x-rays, lasers, etc.) are not polarized,”[3] i.e. each photon emitted has a different polarization, and so cancel out.

Because this is not the case in polarized EMFs, these force all the ions in our cells to oscillate on one and the same plane, thereby exerting a constructive force. Besides when passing through matter, all radiation lose energy. However, while quantized radiation does so by an attenuation of their number of photons, not by a decrease in the energy of individual photons, non-quantized ones do so by an attenuation of their intensity, and hence by transferring to each ion it meets some of its energy.[4]

Consequently such radiation has detrimental health effects, which can range from DNA damage, a cause of cancer, to cell death.[5] So the greater the exposure to manmade EMR, the greater the likelihood of a positive PCR test result at a lower amplification (see section I.5).

Note that manmade EMFs are fully polarized, while atmospheric ones are partially so at 70%. This is nonetheless sufficient for them to affect health and indeed many people do feel effects when these occur near them and can sense thunderstorms beforehand.[6]

However, unlike antennas of mobile telephony base stations and handsets, thunderstorms are not a source of constant radiation since their occurrence in the same location is limited. As for the terrestrial fields, they do not usually vary wildly. When they do so, as mentioned, there is a rise in adverse health issues.

Regarding cosmic radiation, which do reach us at low frequencies, it is initially high: its sources are moving away from us since the universe is expanding. Anyhow, this radiation is quantized and not polarized.

As this shows, human life is possible because of the subtle equilibrium of natural conditions. The similarities between atmospheric EMFs and EMFs from mobile telephony should especially call for prudence since the former act as our biological clock.

Now, 5G has been developed to carry unprecedented amounts of information per unit time. For this the intensity must be exceptionally high: it can go up to 100 GHz. The higher the intensity when the field is polarized, the greater the constructive force exerted on the free ions around cells, the greater the disruption of the cell’s electrochemical balance and function.

The reason that until recently, only the more sensitive to EMR have been affected by the manmade variety is that microwave radiation, (with intensity from 109, i.e. 1 GHz, to 1000 Hz), i.e. the type of radiation used until now, rapidly decreases with the distance from source. However, the full implementation of 5G will require its own antennas. Moreover, according to studies published by industry, at the frequency of 60GHz, 98% of the energy transmitted by a millimetre wave is “absorbed by atmospheric oxygen”.[7] Indeed, these waves not being quantized, a transfer of energy occurs as explained previously. Anyhow, this forces the nearness of base antennas to receivers. This densification of antennas will increase exposure, especially as they necessitate “a ‘5G-enabled device’ or receiver (modem or chip)” that rebroadcasts millimeter waves into your home”, known to affect human skin.[8] Densification will also increase unpredictability.

However, the addition of large amounts of additional energy to oxygen molecules may well change the spin frequency of the electrons shared by the two oxygen atoms that form an oxygen molecule. This would then impair the capacity of the haemoglobin molecules in our blood to bind the oxygen molecules in the air inhaled by the lungs – a very subtle process that was recently found to be dependent on electron spin properties of the molecules involved.[9] [10]In other words, although more experimental studies would be needed to confirm this, it may be inferred that the transport of oxygen would be impaired, resulting in hypoxia, i.e. inadequate oxygen supply to tissues. Hypoxia, which manifests itself in ways similar to altitude sickness, is typical in patients diagnosed with covid-19.[11] Note that those who recover do so because they have developed sufficient immunity to the toxic effects of the radiation, at least at the levels prevalent in their usual living conditions. Longer exposure and increased unpredictability could however very well bring the symptoms back.

As stated previously, the 2016 European EMF guidelines recognize that 5G can cause fatigue and flu-like symptoms.[12] Loss of taste[13] and all the symptoms alleged to be that of covid-19 are known to be those of radiation sickness, a sickness that could worsen with 5G radiation due to higher intensity.[14]

Given oxygen depletion and flu-like symptoms can be due to 5G, given the cruise ship case and the data discussed in the previous section, it may well be that the absence of a global pandemic in 2020, namely its visibility in national and worldwide data, is simply due to the limited availability of 5G at the time. Possibly where an already dense network of antennas had been made operational in 2019, as in Wuhan or around Milano, it had begun to be translated into local mortality data. However, as 5G networks densify elsewhere, as is case since late 2020, as wireless device usage keeps increasing, this may indeed result in increased morbidity and mortality. It may to some extent explain any eventual excess mortality among those who have not been injected against covid-19.

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