Open Letter

To the peoples of the world, especially to the medical profession

She lay in bed in a half-delirium, strongly sedated with morphine, hardly aware of her surroundings. She was barely 19. She, like every other patient, had no right to any visits. She begged the doctor to phone her mother. He refused. She had a panic attack and could hardly breathe.

They refused to wear a mask as it was too painful. The nurses refused to attend to them. One of them was being given oxygen. In her early 80s, she was so desperate for help that she complied and nearly suffocated. Her younger fellow patient who had lost her mobility refused and could not therefore go to the toilet for so long that her blood pressure went up to 20.

He began to have a chest pain. It would not go away. His difficulty breathing kept worsening. His wife drove him to emergency. He was not admitted because he did not present any “covid” symptoms. He was sent home. Within hours he passed away. He was barely 70 and was known to be in good health. Only his wife was allowed to attend the funeral. She was banned from praying in the church. The priest was so afraid that he remained far apart and rapidly disappeared. His son, in his late 40s, unable to cope with a death which should not have occurred, prevented from attending the funeral, had a nervous breakdown. He was left without care: after all he might infect everyone with “covid”.

His kidney stone problem was diagnosed in September. He was supposed to be operated in November. The operation was postponed to December, and once more cancelled. His pain became insufferable; he only survived with high doses of morphine. He went to emergency. They only tested him for “covid” and sent him home, and pestered him through calls and visits because he had tested positive. He was finally operated in late February, but by then his condition had worsened. He has been experiencing excessive post-surgical pain. He is only 41.

She suffers from low blood pressure and needs to regularly go to emergency; each time her heart and other organ functions are properly checked. Unable to breathe when she went recently, she was only tested for “covid”, and she was pestered because she had tested positive. She is in her 30s.

She had serious knee pains and went to emergency. They refused to even consider her case because she refused to wear a mask. She is 80, she returned home, and had to nurse herself alone.

She broke her tibia bone.  Where she is, the mask is compulsory outside. She suffocates with it, and even more so now that every step is such a physical effort. Her GP refused the certificate necessary for exemption. This is her response: “the severity of the pandemic does not accept any exception to the wearing of a mask; the physiotherapist can teach you to breathe well [through the mask] … before going out with you, both masked.”[1] This leaves her unable to practice walking outside. She is in her 50s.

These have since last year become banal stories.

We are letting people suffer and die by leaving them without medical care. We are letting people suffer and die by ensuring detrimental conditions, by misdiagnosing them and then giving them the wrong treatment. According to an administrator in one of the world’s prestigious hospitals: “all our non-covid patients caught covid while hospitalized and have all died.” Was this a consequence of misdiagnosis based on a test that indicates nothing?

For the existence of a virus has not yet been evidenced. Not only causality has not been established, none have been isolated.[2] What are the tests, what are treatments, what are the vaccines about in that case? What is the logic behind their development?

Whether doctor, nurse or orderly, you who chose the beautiful responsibility to care for your fellow human beings in their greatest hour of need, step back and think about what you are doing, and are being asked to do. Talk to one other about concerns you may have. Is it not nonsensical when you need help to be told “we cannot do anything for you, it is to protect you from covid”?!

Why are you certifying on death certificates an unidentified disease as the cause of death, and ignoring the real causes? “She was 80, she had cardiopulmonary disease with increased breathlessness over the last 18 months, thyroid and stomach problems, and metal pins holding her extremely crooked leg together for the last 8 years. She was on 10 different medications, including a long-term and relatively high dosage of morphine. She came down with cold/flu-like symptoms a few weeks ago, had a ‘test’, it came back positive, which made her anxious, and one morning she fell while getting out of bed and broke her leg. They couldn’t operate. Her oxygen levels plummeted. Her morphine intake increased massively. Her body shut down, and the Doctor gave COVID-19 as the cause of death.”[3] This sadly is also an all too familiar story by now.

Think about your colleagues around the world who have refused to accept orders detrimental to their patients, preferring to sooner lose their livelihoods than lose their humanity. Now is not the time to blindly accept the protocols being placed in front of you. Look into the eyes of the people under your care. Should your empathy not be with them instead of with a system based on false premises? How will you justify to posterity that you demanded or supported policies listed in Amnesty International’s 1973 Report on Torture as methods of coercion used on prisoners of war and opponents by repressive regimes? How will you justify it to all whose health is fast deteriorating as a consequence? How will you justify it to their families and friends? How will you justify to yourself that while claiming you were overwhelmed by severe cases, you posted videos of your dancing?

Read and question: all the information is there. Is there truly a dangerous pandemic? What are the variants of if in the first place no virus has been identified? You do not need a Ph.d. to comprehend. Science is not a matter of experts: trust should not be automatic. Questioning accepted ideas, not taking anything at face value are characteristic of a scientific approach. The criticality of doubting has been insisted upon by scientific thinkers from all epochs and traditions.

Peoples of the earth, whatever you do, never lose your own humanity. For is it not what you are doing by accepting not to see your kith and kin, notably elderly ones, by refusing physical contact, by accepting your children wear a mask regularly and for long periods, thereby depleting critical oxygen supply during their growth period?

Is not the worst blasphemy that of playing at make-believe in fake dangers and thereby generating real ones? Tolstoy wrote in 1902: “the majority have entirely lost the capacity of differentiating between good and evil, falsehood and truth.” Today have we not also lost the capacity to differentiate between reality and virtuality, between life and death? For, are we not so lost that out of the fear of death for us or others, we are precipitating our own death and that of everyone else? Those of you enforcing or participating in the enforcement of a cruel dehumanization process on populations, are you not possibly for the sake of some all too ephemeral power or financial gain or security forgetting the most essential, that which makes you a human being? Whoever you are, remember that you can lie to everyone you can lie to your spouse, to your parents, to your children; you can lie to the entire world, you can never lie to yourself, you can never lie to life. Lying to life has consequences.

(The Lightpaper, Issue 8, April 2021, p.17)

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