United in Hope

Never before has mankind become so alienated from life, so lost any sense of reality, and been so divided. The aim here is both to analyze the reasons for this alienation, and to return the hope that we can pull back from the edge of the abyss we have reached, and give ourselves the possibility to let our humanity unfold in a magnified consciousness of the unity behind our essential diversity.

For this, it is essential to examine the role of science.   Our plight has much to do with its distortion into dogma,  with the widespread misunderstanding of what it is about and of what its limits are.

If science teaches us anything, it is to think for ourselves, to doubt, to verify.   Science is both a most humbling and a most laudable human achievement.   It reflects our desperate desire to make sense of life, to understand, searching but never finding, every time ‘the’ truth that seems within reach, fading away, every time having to settle for less, wisely proclaiming like Socrates that we know that we know nothing, that what we feel we know today might be proved wrong tomorrow, yet proudly persevering, incessantly hoping.  Science is the realisation of this most profoundly human truth, if any truth exists.

Hence I will try not to knowingly state untruths, but do not claim to hold any truth.  As for opinions, they are my own and readers should not accept them uncritically,  but make up their own minds.  They are free to contact me if they find mistakes, or wish to discuss some of the points made.